Colonial American Longrifle Kit with Kibler CNC Round-Faced English Lock

Styling from early Pennsylvania or Virginia 1760s to 1770s

Comes in calibers 50, 54, and 58

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Southern Mountain Rifle Kit with Kibler CNC Ketland Lock

Styling from the 1820s based on the work of Whitson in western North Carolina

Comes in calibers 32, 36, 40, and 45

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Jim's Favorite Things

Posted by Jim Kibler

We frequently get asked what Jim uses around the shop, so I will do my best to include many of the items here.  Some, but not all, of these links...

Making a Southern Mountain Rifle Kit Start to finish

Robert Kirk

Extra Fancy Maple Southern Mountain Rifle Kit

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Ed Wenger

Fancy Maple Colonial Rifling Kit

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