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Southern Mountain Rifle Kit

After you place your order, you will get an email with instructions on how to pay for your lock. (By separating the billing we are able to avoid excise tax complications.)

$1050 total Standard Maple, Walnut or Cherry.  $850 plus $200 lock billed separately 

$1150 total if Fancy Maple. $950 plus $200 lock billed separately

$1275 total if Extra Fancy Maple. $1075 plus $200 lock billed separately 

Shipping typically runs around $40-$100 but varies based on location. 

Kit Description:

​Instead of stocks being produced on traditional pantograph type duplicating machines, we use CNC technology. The stocks and hardware and as of December 2019, locks, are produced by Jim, and the barrels are produced by Rice Barrels 46" Swamped, custom profile barrel. 

​The most significant feature of these kits is the use of CNC technology to produce the stocks, triggers, breech plug and tang and other various parts.  With CNC, very precise and repeatable results can be obtained.  

  • Inlets are clean and precise and in proper location relative to each other.  
  • All parts are inlet and require very little fitting.  
  • The barrel comes fit to the stock.  
  • All holes (bolt and pin) are drilled.  
  • Dovetails are cut in barrel 
  • Stock surfaces are extraordinarily refined with little to no extra material.  

See specification page  for more info


This service is available as an add on to a kit gun order.  This is $700 for Kibler's Longrifles to assemble a kit gun that you purchase.  

A gun provided "in the white" will be completely assembled and functional.  The wood will need sanded and finished.  The metal will also benefit from some cleanup.  This is typically a little light filing on the rough spots followed by a little polishing with abrasive paper.  The metal can be left in this condition or can be blued, browned, aged etc. 

Your kit will arrive assembled, ready for you to customize and finish.


We recommend the work of talented and experienced gunbuilder Chuck Edwards for those who would like additional finishing work done on their Kibler Rifle.  He can be reached at (573) 568-2075 and his online page is found on Facebook.  He has finished out many Kibler rifles and does fantastic work.  The pricing will vary depending on the work and should be discussed with Chuck.

Southern Mountain Rifle Kit

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