Southern Mountain Rifle Kit

Jim Kibler's Southern Mountain Rifle Kit and parts
ALL WAIT TIMES ARE ESTIMATES! Maple, Fancy Maple, Cherry and Walnut 6-10 weeks Extra Fancy Maple 12-14 Weeks Styling from the 1820s based on the work of Whitson in western North Carolina Stock has a pull of about 13.75” and a drop of approximately 3 5/8” and no cast off  Available in...
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Hickory Ramrod



48" long hickory ramrod 3/8" for use in our Colonial Rifle Kit 5/16" for use in our Southern Mountain Rifle Kit
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46" Range Rod

Used for loading and cleaning while target shooting. Rod is made from 304 Stainless Steel and is 1/4" diameter End has 8-32 threads
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DO NOT ORDER FOR KIT - LOCKS FOR KIT WILL BE BILLED AFTER YOU ORDER KIT Ketland style import lock from the 1800-1810 time frame. 4.75" x .920" behind fence Works well for pistols, or any post-1800 longrifles.  Flint Size - 3/4" by 7/8"  These locks are different than all...
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Replacement part. As used in the SMR kit.  Drilled and tapped for tang bolts. Assembled double set trigger. There is not any additional material on the top of the trigger to work with larger projects.  This will only work in projects with close architecture.
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