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Iron Nitrate Gun Stock Stain


This chemical is subject to additional shipping charges when ordered with a kit.

Iron nitrate is a favored stain for maple gunstocks.  It imparts a traditional, durable, and beautifully rich color.

**Iron Nitrate cannot be shipped to Canada or overseas.

Directions:  Apply to wood.  Allow to dry.  I usually wait for at least a half hour before applying the heat.  Overnight is fine.  Heat until color changes to reddish brown. While heating, concentrate on one particular spot with only a bit of movement of the heat gun.  When it gets hot enough, it will turn to an orange brown color. Then just start moving the heat gun slowly along to heat more of the stock.  The only thing to really watch for is to not overheat corners.  They will char and turn brown or black.  Start in more open areas to get the feel.  The only thing to stress is that you must heat it pretty hot to get the transformation.  The color change will be pretty dramatic, so don't stop heating until you see this occur. reapply if needed.  Apply finish of choice.

FAQ for Iron Nitrate:

Do you neutralize?     I don't neutralize my iron nitrate (aquafortis).  I do, however, keep it out of inlets.  It can cause some slight rusting and you never see it in inlets of original work.  There's nothing wrong with neutralizing with baking soda either, though.  Sometimes it's good to rub out the stain a bit.  My advice would be to just experiment.  If you have some scraps that will help.

What if the color is a little green? You are probably not heating the stock enough.  You should see it change to a brown orange color when it's properly heated.  It's a bit scary, but without enough heat you won't get the proper color.  The only thing you have to be careful about is not overheating corners of the stock.  It heated to much you can scorch them.   Practice on a piece of scrap if you have some. 

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Iron Nitrate Gun Stock Stain


Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
William Prestowitz
First time Kibler iron nitrate user

I was nervous using this for the first time. Would I apply enough? Too much? Would I burn the stock with the heat gun? Not to worry. Application was easy and with the heat gun set at 500 degrees I had no stock charring and excellent color change. Applying the Moutain Laurel sealant and finish yielded a very beautiful and striking tiger stripe in the fancy curly maple of my Kibler SMR rifle stock. This is so much better than any other stain I have used to date. I wouldn’t use anything else on curly maple going forward.

Terry Bowling
IRON Nitrate

I find the Iron Nitrate stain fascinating because by it's self it really leaves alot to be desired, however add some heat and Tride & True oil and it really comes to life. Overall I think it is great!!!!!!

James Bowman

It’s awesome! Best looking rifle I’ve ever built. # 4 curly maple Vincent half stock .

Fabulous results

I haven't used iron nitrate on anything but curly maple and the results are fabulous! It's just how they did it back in the day.

John Haley
Fourth Kibler Kit Purchased

I cannot say enough positive words about the good, very helpful people at Kiblers and their amazing kits that allows a low skilled person such as myself to build beautiful rifles!!!! I have purchased one for each of my Grandchildren as an heirloom that Grandpa built and hunted with.


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