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Sales on Colonial and Southern Mountain Rifle Kits - Up to $150 off

Photos Overview

We have photos in multiple places, but are working to consolidate this to make it easier for you to find inspiration! Thank you for your patience.

Over the years we have collected so many fantastic photos of finished rifles and it has become difficult to find a way to share them and make them available for browsing. We are migrating our photos over to a dedicated photo sharing website on SmugMug.

Kibler Colonial Rifle Kit Carved

Here is the link to the Colonial Rifle Kits completed by customers

Here is the link to the Colonial Rifle Kits completed by Jim Kibler

Advantages of this more are that the photos are full-size, searchable by keywords, and can be downloaded and shared.  This will take a while to upload all the photos from, as well as all the photos that I have received in emails and saved on my computer, but it will be fun to get all the photos in one place.





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