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Sales on Colonial and Southern Mountain Rifle Kits - Up to $150 off

Hickory Ramrod

Size3/8" Colonial

48" long hickory ramrod

3/8" for use in our Colonial Rifle Kit

5/16" for use in our Southern Mountain Rifle Kit

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Hickory Ramrod


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hickory Ramrod

The Kibler Hickory Ramrod can't be beat, very strong yet very flexible, if it's crooked you can bend it back straight with your hands, like the rifles they are as good as it gets.

Blaine Fochtman
Hickory ramrod

Exactly what I ordered, no flaws and had it within 2 days! Great service

Jackie Hollowell

Ramrods were great.

Dorothy Meschede
New ramrod

Good straight grain . Used scraper to taper it . Fitted nicely in SMR.

Timothy J Madden

Thanks for shipping the ramrod. The original with the kit was great, and I cut it to just shy of the end of the muzzle. However I participate in a Sons of the American Revolution Color Guard and with the muzzle length had difficulty getting the ramrod out for inspection. As a result, I ordered the second ramrod and cut it a couple of inches longer so I would easily grab the ramrod. Not historically correct, however practical. Note that both ramrods were very tight in the guides. The second one I had to sand down quite a bit for it to slide in and out easily. Not complaining, just providing feedback. Note that I rigged up an orbital sander in my vise and worked the ramrod across the stationary sander. I started with course, medium, fine discs. Finished with 320 grit sandpaper, whispering the rod three times prior to finishing with sealer. Second replacement ramrod slides in and out much easier. Note that the first original ramrod had to be similarly filed / sanded however much more tight even after sanding. Originally I thought I had bend "out of round" one of the guides, ordered a replacement from you, however still really tight. May be something you can edit into one of your very helpful videos. Just a suggestion. Thanks for getting it to me quickly. Tim Madden 513-474-4428


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