SHIP NEXT DAY Colonial American Longrifle Kit +$300 for Lock (QS1272)


.50 Caliber - Already Boxed Up

Standard maple stock with a box, no issues.

Kit is being sold for the standard maple price. 

  • Styling from the 1760’s -1770’s
  • Representative of rifles produced in many of the colonies during this time period.
  • Stock has a pull of about 13 5/8” and a drop of approximately 2 3/4” and cast off of approximately 3/16"
  • Available in curly maple, walnut or cherry wood or provide your own stock (2 1/2" by 60" by 7" minimum blank size)
  • Buttplate is approximately 2” in width and slightly over 5” in height.
  • Brass mounted
  • 43.25” custom profiled barrels. Breech 1.125” and waist approximately .800”.   A very nice contoured barrel.  It comes standard in square bottom rifling.  
  • Kibler's CNC Round Faced English Flintlock
  • Available with or without a sliding wood patchbox (no additional charge)
  • Set up for a single trigger.
  • Stock CNC machined for extremely close tolerances and fine surface finish
  • All holes drilled in the stock.
  • Minimal work required for part fitting.
  • Barrel has all sight dovetails cut, the underlugs are machined into the barrel, and the barrel is drilled and tapped for a White Lightning style touch hole liner which will come pre-installed
  • Breech plug/tang is fully machined, shaped, and installed
  • Comes with all parts necessary to complete the rifle
  • Right hand only
  • A very precise and well-designed kit with beautiful lines and styling.
  • Stock
  • Barrel
  • Lock
  • Trigger and plate
  • Touch hole liner
  • Buttplate
  • Trigger Guard
  • Entry pipe
  • Two forward ramrod pipes
  • Nose cap
  • Side plate
  • Underlugs
  • Ramrod
  • Ramrod tip
  • Front and rear sights
  • Lock bolts
  • Tang bolt
  • Wooden Sliding Patchbox Lid
  • Box lid catch spring
  • Pin stock
  • Buttplate screws
  • Prices do not reflect the price of $300 lock which we will bill separately after your order. After you place your order, you will get an email with instructions on how to pay for your lock. (By separating the billing we are able to avoid excise tax complications.)

Shipping typically runs around $60-$100 but varies based on location. 

  • This service is available as an add on to a kit gun order.  This is $700 for this service.

    A gun provided "in the white" will be completely assembled and functional.  The wood will need sanded and finished.  The metal will also benefit from some cleanup.  This is typically a little light filing on the rough spots followed by a little polishing with abrasive paper.  The metal can be left in this condition or can be blued, browned, aged etc. 

    Your kit will arrive assembled, ready for you to customize and finish.

We recommend the work of talented and experienced gunsmith, Chuck Edwards, for those who would like additional finishing work done on their Kibler Rifle.  He can be reached at (573) 421-5098 and his online page is found on Facebook.  He has finished out many Kibler rifles and does fantastic work.  The pricing will vary depending on the work and should be discussed with Chuck.


SHIP NEXT DAY Colonial American Longrifle Kit +$300 for Lock (QS1272)


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