JAX Brown Darkener - Recommended for Brass Parts
JAX Brown Darkener - Recommended for Brass Parts
JAX Brown Darkener - Recommended for Brass Parts
JAX Brown Darkener - Recommended for Brass Parts

JAX Brown Darkener - Recommended for Brass Parts


This chemical is subject to additional shipping charges when ordered with a kit. It can not go in the kit box. You will be invoiced for additional shipping charge, if it applies, after the order is placed. Cannot ship outside continental United States. Must ship surface transportation only.

The instructions below for Brass, Bronze and Copper are from the Jax website.  Jim has tested this product on the brass parts of flintlocks and recommends it for this application. 

Using JAX Brown Darkener for Brass, Bronze and Copper is simple:

  • Prepare and clean the surface to be treated
  • Apply the JAX Brown
  • Wash the JAX off the metal when the metal is slightly darker than your desired finish
  • Relieve with Scotch-Brite
  • Wash again with water and dry.

To ensure the best results, clean your metal of all lacquer, oil, grease and wax. JAX manufactures metal cleaners that are optimal for prepping your metal, but there is no one cleaner that will guarantee perfection. Your choice of cleaner depends on what you are trying to remove from your metal. Regardless of what you use to clean your metal, we recommend using Dawn Dishwashing Liquid as the final step before applying the JAX Brown.

Wearing gloves is highly recommended as to not introduce oils from your hands to the metal. To be safe, eye protection is always recommended.

Use a bristle brush, sponge or rag and apply the JAX Brown directly to the metal. You may also dip the entire object into the solution. However, do not leave the metal in the solution, or the solution on the metal, for longer than necessary. If the metal is clean, the JAX Brown will work quickly. If left for too long the Brown will rub off the metal easily. Practice and experience will help you find the right timing for your work.

If you are going to dip your metal into JAX Brown, you may want to dilute the JAX with water; this will slow the reaction down and allow you to have more control over the finish (there is no magic dilution ratio – a little experimentation will allow you to arrive at the optimum ratio for your work).

If you are applying the JAX with a brush or sponge do NOT dilute the solution.

Once you have applied the JAX product to your satisfaction, rinse the metal well with fresh, clean water and dry.

At this point, you may use steel wool, a polishing cloth, or Scotch-Brite to achieve your desired finish. If you remove too much of the Brown finish, you may reapply the JAX Brown and start over.

If you seek to duplicate a particular finish, over-darken the metal and then “relieve” it with steel wool or a polishing cloth, as above. Once you are happy with your finish, you may wax, oil, or lacquer the metal as a final step, although in many cases leaving the metal “unprotected” may be desirable.

JAX products never expire, however, they can deteriorate over time if not cared for properly. Safety is the first priority. Always store JAX products at room temperature, in tightly closed original containers AND in a locked, safe place. Do not mix used product with fresh. Contaminating the original container will seriously reduce the shelf-life of the product.

Always use JAX Products in plastic or glass containers. When you dispose of used products and containers, please do so in at an approved waste disposal facility. Never reuse an empty JAX container.

Make sure to refer to the Safety Data Sheets for additional information before you begin. Do not mix JAX Products with any other chemicals.


It is always advisable to test JAX Brown in a small inconspicuous area to make sure that it does not adversely affect or damage the surface being treated.


Jax Brown - Safety Data Sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rodger Cooper
Jax Brown Darkner.

This was the first time I had used this product and want ever go back to anything else. Every simple to use and give the exact look desired by just a mild rubbing with Scotch Brite.

Kevin Houlihan
Exactly what I was looking for

Jax Brown did a great job adding a patina to the brass on a pistol I’m building.

Daniel Huston
Works great

Used it on a blunderbuss kit I'm building and came out great after I rubbed the trigger guard down with steel wool. Came out nice and even with no splotching. Great way to "antique" brass.

William Campbell

JAX Brown Darkener - Recommended for Brass Parts

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