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NEW! Kibler's Round-Faced English Flintlock (3 week wait)

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Engraving NOT included

These locks are different than all other modern production locks.  Instead of using investment castings all critical parts are machined.  This results in a product that is far more precise and repeatable when compared to current available locks.  I would estimate the tolerances with machining are an order of magnitude (10X) better than that available with investment casting. 

In addition, we have spent a tremendous amount of time developing a historically correct and stylistically beautiful lock that functions impeccably.  I must give credit to Frank House for offering critique and suggestions during this process.  Having someone to work with during this process proved invaluable. 

So what does extremely fine tolerances and great design result in?  A lock that functions extremely smooth, free from many problems associated with current production locks and one that performs the required task very well.  The function of each lock is nearly indistinguishable to the next lock.  We’re obsessed with details and the results show.

This is the first lock we will be offering.  This represents a nice quality round-faced English lock from the 1760’s.  It’s not a copy of any particular lock, but rather fully designed to incorporate what we feel to be the best features of many reference pieces.  The first production run shown below are reserved for our Colonial rifle kit, but the next large run will be available for sale individually. 

To summarize, our goal is to provide locks with impeccable, design, construction and function at an affordable price.  This has proven to be incredibly difficult, but it is our commitment to all of you.


  • Fully machined components: Lock plate, tumbler, sear, bridle, sear spring, mainspring, frizzen spring.
  • Investment castings used: Frizzen, cock and top jaw.  Note, all critical surfaces of the frizzen are machined or surface ground ( bottom of pan cover, sides of frizzen foot and frizzen pivot hole and toe of frizzen).  This ensures precise repeatable function.
  • Completely interchangeable parts.
  • Typical machined tolerances are in the range of +- .001” while critical locations such as pivots are held tighter.
  • Frizzens are 1095 steel with a surface carbon boost heat treatment to insure great function.
  • Springs designed for optimum performance and manufacturing process guarantees a high degree of consistency.
  • Bridle located with pins rather than screws for strength and precision.

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