SALE - Immediate Shipment!

We have discontinued our kits that used the Chambers flintlocks.  We have a number of stocks already inlet for the Chambers locks.  Since they are not interchangeable with our Kibler machined locks, we are offering immediate shipment and a $50 discount for any of these kits.

Please call us at 440-670-7883 or 330-341-0675 for orders.  Below is a list of what we have available.

Colonial Rifle Kits - using Chambers Colonial lock

Available in 54 square rifling, 58 round or square rifling, 24 gauge smooth, 24 gauge smooth with jug choking, and 28 gauge smooth bore

Sale Price

Maple - sliding wood patch box


Extra Fancy Maple stock - No patch box


Fancy Maple - sliding wood patch box


Curly Cherry - sliding wood patch box with patched stock



 Southern Mountain Rifle Kits - using Chambers Late Ketland Lock

Available in 32, 36, and 40 caliber square rifling

Sale Price

Extra Fancy Maple $1225
Fancy Maple $1100
Maple $1000
Curly Ash $1100



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