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Andrew Dolep Lock Casting Sets

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Castings of an original lock by Andrew Dolep.  Classic form from around 1690-1700.  

5.05" long

Would work well for a pistol or small fowling piece.  

Andrew Dolep was a very prolific and well known English gunsmith during the late 17th and early 18th centuries.  

A very beautiful and stylish 17th century flintlock.

A pair of pistols by him is shown.


Great care was taken in preparing the parts before making the molds. All holes are plugged and material was added to any places that needed it.  The lock was in very good condition and allowed for nice castings to be created from it.


Metals used: 1095 for the frizzen, 5160 for the springs, O1 for the tumbler, sear and 8620 for the remaining parts. 

No screws will be included. 



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